'I think we're still in it': Bucks fans staying hopeful as team prepares for Game 5

NOW: ’I think we’re still in it’: Bucks fans staying hopeful as team prepares for Game 5

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Game 5 in the Bucks-Pacers series Tuesday night is do-or-die for Milwaukee. The team's management is calling on fans to keep the support going in, as the Bucks are down three games to one.

"It really does matter. The players really do feed off of it and really do need that energy," said Dustin Godsey, Bucks chief sales and marketing officer.

Energy at Fiserv's cited as one reason the Bucks have one heck of a home record this season, and that's noticed on the court too.

"Damian Lillard coming out after Game 1, talking about how he'd never seen fans here in Milwaukee like that. He's played in a lot of playoff games around the league. He said this is one of the top atmospheres that he's seen," said Godsey.

This season, the Bucks had over 30 wins at home, but can that energy pull them to a Game 5 win Tuesday night?

"It's tough when you have so many of your really good players that are out, but you know what, these guys are giving it a heck of a run and I think we're - I think we're still in it," said Brian Muolton, Bucks fan.

Bucks fans of all ages were hanging out in Deer District on this rainy Monday, hoping Milwaukee's run won't come to an end just yet.

"I think we're gonna come back. I always think we're gonna come back though, that's just the, you know, it's just being a fan," said Bucks fan Dave Moulton.

For restaurant owners like Omar Shaikh, a Game 5 win's good for business.

"The better they do, the better we all do as a community," said Shaikh, co-owner of Carnevor and 3rd Street Market Hall.

While the games are still going, the specials are on to bring them in.

"I think they can turn it around. We've been down 3-1 before. I'm staying optimistic," said Shaikh.

And 3rd Street Market Hall's one place that draws Bucks fans in on game days.

"From the hospitality's perspective, we see the restaurants being full, we see the market hall being full, and a lot of times it's not just the people that are going to the games, they'll come to the market hall and watch the games too," said Shaikh.

Tuesday night's tipoff is at 8:30 p.m. and tickets are still available.

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