In the kitchen with Mr. Dye's Pies as they prep for Pi Day

NOW: In the kitchen with Mr. Dye’s Pies as they prep for Pi Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- March 14 is a mathematical holiday. Pi Day is celebrated by many as "pie" day. Bakeries see an influx of people coming in for their favorite crust-filled dessert.

Johnathan Dye is the owner of Mr. Dye's pies. He's been baking since he was five years old, and he's been serving his pies to the Milwaukee area for more than a decade. 

Now located in the 3rd Third Street Market Hall, he serves up the same crowd favorites, like the Purple Monster and his Classic Sweet Potato Pie. 

"I'm thinking we'll do 350, maybe as many as 400 pies, depending on how we get going. We've got some baking to do," said Dye. 

They'll be serving pies starting at 10 a.m. this Pi Day. 

You can buy pie by the slice, half or full pie. 

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