'We didn't think anyone should profit from it': Gun used by Kyle Rittenhouse will be destroyed

NOW: ’We didn’t think anyone should profit from it’: Gun used by Kyle Rittenhouse will be destroyed

KENOSHA, Wis. —  The final chapter in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is closed. During a motion hearing Friday, Jan. 28, a judge ruled on what will happen to the gun used in the shootings and the bail money Rittenhouse posted.

Kyle Rittenhouse did not appear in court Friday. He was represented by defense attorney Mark Richards.

Richards told the court that Rittenhouse, the state and Dominick Black, who purchased the gun, came to an agreement. 

The Kenosha Police Department and state crime lab will be responsible for destroying the gun, scope and magazine.

"There was duel claims to the gun and he didn't want the gun being returned to Dominick Black and then have him sell it as Kyle Rittenhouse's gun," Richards said. "We didn't think anyone should profit from it."

Richards says many people have inquired about buying the AR-15-style rifle. Prosecutor Thomas Binger says the gun will be destroyed in the spring.

"The destruction will be recorded and we will provide that to the defense at that time," said prosecutor Binger.

The final issue at hand: who gets the $2 million bond posted for Kyle Rittenhouse?

"Wendy Rittenhouse raised a large sum of money which then went to Fight Back to bond Kyle out," Richards said. "Fight Back, us, Wendy Rittenhouse, all agreed how the money should be put together."

At the last minute Karish Kaptial, a company which is suing Rittenhouse's former attorney John Pierce, tried to claim the money.

"John Pierce was the attorney at the beginning of this, from California, had a bunch of business troubles, he went to a litigation company, received $2 million, when that $2 million ran out, they were going to sue him," Richards said. "They [Karish Kapital] took a judgment against him, and John agreed all those monies, anything that came in to the firm as an asset would go to pay them. The bond money came from Fight Back to John Pierce, it was never his money. It went into his trust account, not his business account."

The judge sided with Richards and ruled Karish Kapital is not entitled to the money.

The judge signed off on the agreement proposed by Richards and agreed upon by the other parties. $150,000 will go to actor Ricky Schroeder, who donated to the bail fund. $925,000 to #FightBack, a group that raised money for Rittenhouse and $925,000 to Richards & Dimmer, S.C., IN TRUST.

Richards would not say how much of that money will actually go to Rittenhouse.

He did say this should be the final hearing in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse.

"I'm really glad this is over," Richards said.

Richards says Rittenhouse is now looking forward to getting back into school and is planning a career in law.

When asked if he would hire Rittenhouse to his law firm one day, Richards said, "I'll have to see his grades from law school."

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