Lakefront Brewery raising funds to support Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

NOW: Lakefront Brewery raising funds to support Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The LGBTQ community continues to weather attacks from conservatives from across the country. Despite the growing criticism of those in the queer community, one hometown brewery is pouring beer with pride.

Lakefront Brewery on the city's east side is selling Pride merchandise; t-shirts, hats and crowlers to raise money and awareness for Milwaukee's LGBTQ Community Center.

"It's just what we believe in," said President of Lakefront Brewery Russ Klisch.

President of Lakefront Brewery Russ Klisch said, the mission of the brewing company is simple: Sell great beer.

The brewing company president went on to say, it's what the suds do after that makes him most proud.

"You have everyone coming here for a beer and you don’t want anyone to feel excluded," Klisch said. 

And that's the reason he's putting Pride on display.

"We aren’t going to get pushed around by different events that have happened, it's what we believe in, in the beginning, and we still believe it today, and events around the country aren’t going to change us," said Klisch.

This month, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors introducing the new Intersex Progress Pride Flag, as a beacon of hope.

"Flags are strong symbols and statements, and Milwaukee County is certainly making a stand to support our LGBTQ community," said Burgelis.

It's that hope businesses like Lakefront Brewery are holding on to.

"I wouldn’t stop selling them, I want to accept everybody, it's just the best way," said Klisch.

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The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center can be found online by clicking here.

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