Local travel nurse helps off-duty detective after Third Ward shooting

NOW: Local travel nurse helps off-duty detective after Third Ward shooting

MILWAUKE (CBS 58) -- We are learning more about the desperate moments immediately after an off-duty Milwaukee Police Department detective was shot. 

The detective, who remains hospitalized, was shot Thursday, Jan. 13, while trying to stop a robbery at the Shake Shack in the Third Ward. 

Lindsay Adams was just feet away from the shooting. She says the nurse in her couldn't leave the scene without helping the detective. 

"I could just see he's bleeding from his abdomen, he's bleeding from his back," said Adams. 

Adams didn't waste any time helping the off-duty Milwaukee police detective. 

Adams and the manager of Shake Shack worked together. 

"He had all the employees take aprons off, find something. Him and I just sat there and held pressure. I was holding pressure on the wound that was on his back right by his spine and the manager was holding the other apron on the front," Adams said. 

Milwaukee police say the suspect tried to steal a car with three children inside outside the restaurant. He was unsuccessful and was leaving the area, but then saw the driver of that car go inside the Shake Shack. 

The suspect went in and tried to rob her. 

The off-duty detective took notice and jumped into action. That led to the suspect shooting the detective in the stomach. 

"As we are holding pressure, he is trying to tell me all this information that he knows about the plates, about the car, about the suspects. He was like, 'I don't care stop holding pressure. I need you to put this in your phone.'"

Although Adams was terrified, she's happy she didn't walk away. 

"I just have that compassionate nature and I just love helping people," said Adams. "There's no way I could have lived with myself if I would have gotten up... and walked away."

Two teens were arrested in connection to the shooting, an 18 and a 17-year-old. 

The detective underwent surgery and is recovering. He is in critical but stable condition. 

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