Madison office of Wisconsin Family Action vandalized

NOW: Madison office of Wisconsin Family Action vandalized

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The newly-ignited abortion debate has sparked large pro-choice rallies in many U.S. cities in recent days -- including Milwaukee.

But now, it has apparently also fueled a criminal act in Madison.

Police say the office of Wisconsin Family Action was damaged by fire and vandalism early this morning, on May 8, just days after a leaked draft reported the Supreme Court would reverse Roe V. Wade, a decision that "Wisconsin Family Action" supports.

According to police, a leftist anarchist group threw two Molotov cocktails into the office, broke windows and lit a fire.

Police also say Anarchy 1312 took responsibility for the attack by leaving their logo on an outside wall.

The group is a pact that lobbies against abortion rights and gay marriage.

The Madison Fire Department says the fire was arson.

The Wisconsin Family Action President made a response today on the attack:

“While this attack was directly provoked by the leaked draft opinion from the US Supreme Court in the Dobbscase earlier this week, this has far broader implication. Apparently, the tolerance that the left demands is truly a one-way street. Violence has become their answer to everything. This is what happens when leadership is missing or when leadership implies that violence is ok. In 2020, Governor Tony Evers basically looked the other way when violence erupted in Kenosha and Madison. That kind of non-response fosters what happened to us this morning, leaving Wisconsin citizens who disagree with his policies extremely vulnerable to similar violence." - Julaine Appling

Appling says the building does not have any security cameras. She wonders if there might be more attacks coming. Appling also says she will not be bringing her staff back into the office out of precaution.

Governor Tony Evers also condemned the attack on Twitter by saying:

This is a developing story and more information is expected to be released Monday afternoon, on May 9.

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