Marquette fans 'disappointed' after fall to Michigan State Sunday night

NOW: Marquette fans ’disappointed’ after fall to Michigan State Sunday night

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It was a disappointing defeat for Marquette fans as the team fell to Michigan State Sunday night.

With dreams of competing in the Sweet 16 now crushed, many told CBS 58's Ellie Nakamoto-White they had expected more from the Golden Eagles.

“It’d mean a lot, not just for the basketball team and for Shaka, but also for the entire campus to rally and point for all the students to be able to share something together," said freshman Nathan Nichols. 

His friend, Malik Said, agreed adding that it'd be nice to have the Cream City in the spotlight.

“I think Milwaukee is a super slept on city with the Bucks and Marquette. They had us not winning all year, so I think it’d mean a lot to the whole school," Said added.

Although Marquette was close at halftime, the team couldn't overcome the Spartans in the second half.

"We're sad. We love Marquette basketball, but we'll get 'em next year," said freshman Mahi Talasila. 

Some fans, who were especially optimistic, were saddened by the loss.

"I bet my Apple Watch on this game," said sophomore Zoe Ruffing. "I think the tournament was rigged."

Regardless of the score, many said they would continue rooting for the team no matter what. 

"I guess I was hopeful for something different but it's just not what happened," said freshman Eric Schmidt. "The hope was building and then it's now all coming down burning, but honestly, if Marquette ever does end up watching this, you guys did good."

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