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Mayor Barrett calls for MPD Chief Morales to fire officer charged with homicide

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is calling on Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales to terminate an officer accused of homicide. 

"Given that the District Attorney’s investigation led to very serious criminal charges, it’s clear that those charges would overwhelmingly support charges under the code of conduct supporting discharge," Barrett said in the letter. 

Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Mattioli, a 13-year member of the department, was charged in the death of 25-year-old Joel Acevedo. Investigators say the two were involved in an altercation at Mattioli's home on April 19 -- who was off-duty at the time -- and Acevedo was left unconscious. Acevedo died less than a week later. 

Mattioli was charged with first degree reckless homicide more than three weeks after he was arrested. 

Read Barrett's full letter to Chief Morales below: 

Chief Morales responded to Mayor Barrett Wednesday afternoon, saying in part that the authority to render any discipline on Mattioli now falls on the Fire and Police Commission as they've taken over the investigation. Read the full response below:

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MykeRobow 17 days ago
Where’s Tommy Choo Choo’s letter to the DAs office on behalf of Milwaukee Bucks ownership demanding NO charges against Sterling Brown for drunk driving and resisting?!?! Tommy Choo Choo is just a liberal Democrat socialist sock puppet. Don’t give 2 shots about working Milwaukeeians ....But exists just to promote a liberal Democrat socialist agenda..... tell me again when his Trolley pays for itself and is not a forever burden on taxpayers .....
Homer MykeRobow 16 days ago
Sterling Brown is African American, and by his parking choice, the night of his altercation with MIlwaukee Police, is HANDICAPPED, perhaps even SEVERELY HANDICAPPED, as he took up two Handicap Parking spaces. He's going to get paid.

MPD Officer Michael Mattioli is White... Guilty. He must pay.

Rommel 17 days ago
So according to Mayor Walleye...guilty before he has his trial.
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