Mild Temps Give Way to Colder Air with Light Snow on the Horizon

NOW: Mild Temps Give Way to Colder Air with Light Snow on the Horizon

It's been a good run! The warmest start to the year in Milwaukee continues. Check it out: 

As you can see every high temperature this month has been at or above normal. Milwaukee is currently running 9.5 degrees above normal on highs, which is an impressive marker at this point. But the warm weather has now been replaced with a more typical cold winter feel. A new trend that looks here to stay. On the other end of impressive is the lack luster year on snow. Only fourteen years have featured less than an inch of snow this far into the new year and 2023 is one of them! Have a look: 
 In terms of precipitation, we're still right on track this season and that's due to the number of rain makers that have graced the area. Now that we've crossed the turning point in our recent weather pattern. In time hopefully that allows for more snow. Hot off the presses is the temperature outlook for February, from the Climate Prediction Center. It features equal chances for above and below normal temperatures
With that in mind bank on a more seasonable temp set up which would feature colder temperatures in the 30s. Over the next week we have 30s and even 20s for highs. In terms of more snow, our next chance comes Saturday night. 
 Most of the area should see light snow by the midnight hour and it looks to wrap up by mid morning on Sunday. It looks to provide a healthy dusting, mainly staying under an inch. At least it's a start for what hopefully turns around to be a snowier outlook for the back end of our winter season.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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