Milwaukee County Zoo announces arrival of 15-foot green anaconda, 'Olive'

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- There's a new resident at the Milwaukee County Zoo's Aquatic & Reptile Center.

On Thursday, staff announced the arrival of a 120-pound green anaconda named Olive, who they say is "settling in nicely." 

At 15.2 feet, they say she's the longest snake they've ever had. 

Olive was transported from the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison and is currently completing a standard quarantine period. The zoo says Henry Vilas also has another anaconda, and realized over the years that the habitat wasn't offering both snakes enough space. 

The Milwaukee County Zoo says three zookeepers must be present when working with Olive as part of "large constrictor protocol."

One of their red-tailed boas may return to the habitat in the future, once it's determined whether or not Olive views any co-inhabitants as prey.

The zoo says green anacondas, also known as water boas, are the heaviest snakes in the world, reaching up to 500 pounds and 30 feet long. They can stay submerged for more than 10 minutes.

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