Milwaukee County Zoo announces hatching of Gentoo penguin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee County Zoo has announced the hatching of a Gentoo penguin on Dec. 17.

They say the chick was hatched to parents Fiona and Oscar.

The chick doesn't have a name yet, and its sex will be determined when it's about 1-3 months old.

Guests are invited to visit the Aviary and see the chick between now and mid-January, when the chick will be off exhibit for fledging. At that time, zookeepers will teach it how to eat on its own and participate in scale training. 

The zoo says when it's reintroduced to the public about 4-6 weeks later, its waterproof feathers will be in, and the penguin will look just like its parents. 

Zookeepers say Gentoos are native to Antarctica and describe them as "very curious, active birds who are always up to something!"

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