Milwaukee DPW working around the clock to clear streets after winter storm

NOW: Milwaukee DPW working around the clock to clear streets after winter storm

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- The Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) has been working around the clock, salting and plowing the streets after Friday's winter storm.

"There will be clean up on Saturday night, all the way through Sunday, and possibly into Monday until we have every street, roadway, and bike path taken care of," said Jerrel Kruschke, Milwaukee DPW Commissioner.

One of DPW's main facilities lost power late Friday evening as supervisors and support staff worked to coordinate snowplow routes. A back-up generator made it possible for operations to continue.

Prep for this winter storm has been underway for days. "We pre-treat the roads before the snow and obviously we have to pre-treat them after the snow as well so with that being said we're just trying to make sure all streets are safe and passable," said Jeffery Smith, DPW Sanitation Central Area Manager.

The snow presented some challenges for plow drivers as it was falling but now that it has stopped, the real clean up begins.

"It's 7,000 lane miles for the City of Milwaukee so there's a lot of streets to cover. Our main thoroughfares are first and foremost important and once we've taken care of those and made sure they're safe and passable, we will get to the residential streets," said Smith.

There are over a hundred DPW trucks out with crews on 12-hour shifts and officials are asking folks to be patient while they work.

"We will get each and every street, but it does take time," said Smith. If you see crews out over the next few days, give them plenty of space sure to follow all parking regulations.

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