Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit returns with advice for men

NOW: Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit returns with advice for men

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Fathers of all stripes gathered this morning in Milwaukee for the First Annual Milwaukee Fatherhood Summit since the pandemic.

"What we're doing is creating an environment where men can receive tools and so they can become better fathers, better communicators, as well as better leaders we're trying to empower people," said Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative Director Darryl Davidson.

Hewas joined by other community leaders like Mayor Cavalier Johnson to talk about how being a good father is a good first step to improving the lives of those around you and your community.

Davidson says he feels they have work to catch up on since the pandemic, when domestic incidents increased across the nation.

He hopes now, with their seminars on life skills like financial empowerment, child support, and health back on, he's hoping to see positive change once again.

"And it leads to a behavior change," said Davidson, "But once we stopped doing that, many people rely on whatever they know. And what we're trying to do is give people an alternative to how they may have grown up"

Change that people like Shawn Muhammad say he's experienced.

"This fatherhood initiative, this platform has been good to me," said Muhammad, "you know, when I was a young father, trying to find my way I was a single parent father and I was kind of a clumsy parent, you know, and this platform right here helped me."

Muhammad is now a director at The Asha Project, which aims to combat domestic abuse.

He hopes to pass on what he's learned to others.

Davidson says if you're interested in the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative, you can go to

"Everyone should know that the Milwaukee fatherhood initiative exists in the Greater Milwaukee community for everybody. It doesn't matter what stripe doesn't matter what race or color culture."

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