Milwaukee mother still seeking justice months after son was killed in hit-and-run near Fiserv Forum

NOW: Milwaukee mother still seeking justice months after son was killed in hit-and-run near Fiserv Forum

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- It’s been four months since Xaiver Casanova Davis, 23, was killed by a hit-and-run driver as he crossed the street on 6th and Juneau near Fiserv Forum.

For his mother, losing her only son is still a heartbreaking reality she lives with every day. A few days before Christmas, Gloria Shaw went back to the scene for the first time since her son Xaiver's death. She documented the difficult moment on social media.

"I bought him something for Christmas. I'm thinking he's still here and he's not and he needs to be,” she said.

Not having her son around is a reality Shaw says she never imagined. "I'm still three hours of sleep. My every thought is what would Xaiver be thinking or I'm going to call him or text him and I turn around and I can’t,” said Shaw.

In late August 2022, Xaiver was killed when the driver of a 2021-2022 black Dodge Ram 1500 TRX hit him at a high rate of speed and kept going.

Milwaukee police say they’re still looking for the vehicle and the driver.

2021-2022 black Dodge Ram 1500 TRX

"Somebody knows where that truck is. Somebody talks to this person every day. Somebody is in contact with whoever this person is and shame on them for not saying something, because you're just as guilty as that person who hit Xaiver,” Shaw says.

She says the lack of progress in the case makes her sad and angry.

Shaw wants to see tougher laws for reckless drivers, and she is asking city officials to include victims' families in their efforts to combat the problem.

She’s pleading for the driver who hit her son to turn themself in.

"It makes me sad because you took my everything away from me and his family, right before he was coming into his own manhood. We don't even get to see how great he was going to become,” she said.

Now justice is the only peace she seeks and until it comes, she says she’ll continue to be strong for Xaiver.

"On the days I don't want to get up, the days I cry my eyes out, the days I just really want to disappear, I think how I was blessed with this beautiful son for 23 years. I would always tell him don't give up, put your trust in God. I'm not giving up and I'm putting my trust in God because this is bigger than me. I have a story to tell. He's my story and I'm forever going to tell it,” Shaw said.

Shaw wants to connect with other families in the city who have lost loved ones to reckless driving, hoping that by coming together, they can all get answers.

If you have any information on this case or recognize that black Dodge Ram, contact Milwaukee Crime Stoppers anonymously online or at 414-224-TIPS (8477).

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