MKE 2024 Host Committee seeks up to 10,000 volunteers for RNC in July

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – With the Republican National Convention coming to Milwaukee in five months, the city is looking for volunteers: six to ten thousand volunteers in fact.

At a March 1 news conference, speakers emphasized that the volunteer roles are not partisan, instead focusing on the expected economic boost the convention will bring.

“This is not about politics at all,” said Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson. “What it is about [...] is Milwaukee having the greatest social as well as economic impact that we can have on this city."

The MKE 2024 Host Committee anticipates attracting about 50,000 visitors to the region for the RNC, which is planned for July 15-18 this summer.

“We want to represent Milwaukee, and we just want people who are happy to be here, and excited to welcome people to Wisconsin,” said MKE 2024 Host Committee COO Allison Prange.

Those looking for more information, or interested in volunteering, can CLICK HERE to learn more.

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