Monday marks Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Snow plowing, salting and liquid brine applications to Wisconsin roads are an institution of driving in the state, from everyday transportation to those learning how to safely maneuver on well-treated roads during hazardous conditions.

Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day is taking place on Monday, Nov. 28 to remind motorists to be aware of snowplow operators and to give them the space they need to complete their jobs safely.

The appreciation day was proclaimed by Gov. Tony Evers as a continued path toward the safe implementation of snowplow vehicles on Wisconsin roads, a path including Act 255 which was signed into law this past April. That law was signed to enhance driver awareness of maintenance vehicles by allowing them to use fluorescent green warning lights, in addition to red or amber lights.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson said in a press release that the best way for motorists to show their appreciation for snowplow operators is to drive carefully, give plows room to work and, if possible, avoid travel when conditions are especially hazardous.

"We are grateful for snowplow drivers throughout the state who work around the clock to clear Wisconsin’s state and local roadways to ensure safe driving conditions every winter season," Thompson added.

One important rule to remember when the snow starts to pick up in the area is to stay at least 200 feet behind a working snowplow to avoid the cloud of snow that they create and to keep an eye out for the plow's mirrors to ensure all vehicles are visible to the plow driver.

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