Morales files federal lawsuit alleging Milwaukee, FPC violated his civil rights

NOW: Morales files federal lawsuit alleging Milwaukee, FPC violated his civil rights

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales is suing the city and the Fire and Police Commission in federal court for violating his civil rights.

He alleges the city violated his first, fifth, sixth and 14th Amendment rights when the FPC demoted him from chief to captain last summer without due process. 

In December, a Milwaukee County judge reversed the commission's decision.

Morales and the city are now in mediation that could end with a large payout and the two sides parting ways. Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman said the new developments could result in a larger price tag on a city settlement.

"A civil rights action opens up all other kinds of damage categories, including the award of actual attorney's fees," Bauman said.

The lawsuit alleges Morales was slandered by the FPC, that there was a conspiracy to improperly fire him and that he has been financially harmed, due to coverage of the incident potentially hindering future employment. It also claims the city is delaying a settlement, an accusation Bauman believes is accurate.

"The accusation has been made that the city is foot-dragging," Bauman said. "I'm here to tell you, they're 100 percent right. The city is foot-dragging, and I don't like it."

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson declined to comment on the new lawsuit.

Morales' attorney Frank Gimbel said in an email, "We are not making any statements about our federal lawsuit until and unless the mediation fails to generate a settlement acceptable to Chief Morales."

In May, the judge ordered Morales be reinstated by July 3 if a settlement was not reached.

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