Neighbors react to proposal for 11-story hotel near Brady Street

NOW: Neighbors react to proposal for 11-story hotel near Brady Street


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- A major development could break ground near Milwaukee's Brady Street before the end of the year.

A high-end hotel is in the works, and city leaders say it would be the first of its kind in the east side neighborhood.

The proposed hotel will stand 11 stories tall on Brady and Farwell.

"It would be a really cool change for the neighborhood but unfortunately, I feel like it's just kind of tone deaf," said Forrest Morrisey, who lives in the neighborhood.

The hotel would be located at 1709-1723 N. Farwell Avenue and would house a restaurant, rooftop bar, and more than 100 rooms. The developers are Michael Klein and Jeno Cataldo.

Kahler Slater

"I think it could be a wonderful catalyst for more daytime commerce on Brady," said Jonathan Brostoff, district 3 alderman.

Brostoff says the project would also provide opportunities for infrastructure improvements for bike and pedestrian safety.

"Obviously this has had some high-profile challenges with that, and some terrible incidents recently, so this might be exactly what we need to fix some of the infrastructure that can save lives and make it a better experience for pedestrians," said Brostoff.

Neighbors told CBS 58 they want to see changes in crime and reckless driving before any new development comes to the area.

"I, personally, even crossing, have almost been hit by cars. We need to make Brady Street safer before we think about anything that would increase it even more, because we're just going to have more accidents," said Robin Lesko.

The hotel name and other details are still in the works, but developers hope to begin construction before next year if granted proper approval.

Meanwhile, some say the neighborhood simply doesn't need another luxury building.

"The pattern of the community and developers in the community continuing to make luxury and high-end apartments and hotels, when really what the community needs is affordable housing," said Morrisey.

CBS 58 asked Ald. Brostoff about the need for affordable housing.

"We need both, 100%, and one helps the other. The more tax space we bring in, the more utilization of a space like this, the more money we can have for other great projects," he said.

A community meeting is scheduled for Jan. 23 at 6 p.m. at DORSIA on Brady Street. This will give neighbors the opportunity to talk to the developers about the project, get some feedback, and ask questions.

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