Norman 'focused on being the chief of Milwaukee' amidst consideration for Wauwatosa police chief

NOW: Norman ’focused on being the chief of Milwaukee’ amidst consideration for Wauwatosa police chief

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Acting Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman said he's happy being police chief in his native city.

"I'm just the person who always wants to put the front face out there to say hey, please support us," Norman said Friday, June 11.

"Understand that the work, especially in 2021, is difficult. We're doing our best."

Norman is looking for other work. He was named as a finalist for the chief position in Wauwatosa earlier in the week.

"Right now I'm focused on being the chief of Milwaukee," Norman said. "I'm focused on the responsibilities at hand."

A judge has ruled former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales was improperly demoted by the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission last year. The ruling dictates Morales will get his old job back July 3 if the city cannot reach a settlement with him.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Thursday, June 10, he wants that situation resolved as soon as possible, so the city can potentially lock Norman in.

"Right now, I think we need the stability," Barrett said. "But a lot of this is going to depend on what Acting Chief Norman wants to do as well."

Norman is not listed as a finalist for the Milwaukee job by the city FPC, which is down three members following two terms expiring and the resignation of former chairman Steven DeVougas.

Both Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson and Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride have also tabbed Norman as a desired chief. Several leaders of both cities have praised Norman's ability to connect with the community.

"I'm humbled by the kind words being put out in regards to my particular responsibilities and duties, my credentials," Norman said. "But again, as the acting chief, my focus right now is the public safety of the city."

Milwaukee agreed to a mediator to try and settle their dispute with Morales earlier in the week.

The city has also indicated they will appeal the judge's ruling to reinstate Morales, which would now be in just 22 days.

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