Old structure at the end of Franklin homeowner's driveway inspires tiny art gallery

NOW: Old structure at the end of Franklin homeowner’s driveway inspires tiny art gallery

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Tiny art has become a trend on social media. 

"I kind of thought I made this up," said Holly Buchholz. "But I really soon found out there is a whole world of tiny art galleries, tiny free art galleries, tiny art shows." 

It was an old doll-house-looking structure at the end of the driveway of her Franklin home that inspired her latest art project. 

"It's run like a real gallery, just really small," said Buchholz. 

She put a call out on Instagram asking people what she should do with this structure. They offered up suggestions of little libraries and other unique ideas. But it was a small idea that caught Buchholz's attention -- a tiny art gallery. 

"It's really fun to play with the dollhouse. But, also, it has a new purpose since my kids are grown," she said. 

She decided to use this doll house that was built for her kids by grandpa more than 20 years ago. Now, the bathroom is a gift shop, and the bedrooms display mixed mediums of art on the walls. 

"The people who do really small stuff, it's a serious skill," said Buchholz. "I know people who use magnifying glasses to make some and special tools, it's a whole art form." 

Artists from around the world have sent their artwork to go in the gallery. Buchholz gives local artists the small stage too. 

You can follow the tiny art gallery on Instagram at Tiny Art Gallery at Driveways End to check out upcoming art shows. 

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