One Eagle farm gives new meaning to "horsepower" as it hosts "Healing Circle with Horses"

NOW: One Eagle farm gives new meaning to “horsepower“ as it hosts “Healing Circle with Horses“

EAGLE,Wis. (CBS 58) -- We've all heard about therapy dogs.  But what about horses?  At one particular farm in Eagle, Wisconsin, this is how they're showcased.  It's something called "Healing Circle with Horses."  The experience involves meditating in a circle with a group leader along with a handful of horses as well.

Linda Catterson, the group leader and Reiki Master/Teacher, says horses are prey animals.  Throughout their history, they've been hunted.  They're very attune to their environment and all their senses. So their awareness and adaptability make these animals the perfect candidates for what' happening on this particular farm.

 The next "Healing Circle with Horses" will be Sunday, August 2nd from 10 until noon.  Reservations are required.  The limit is typically twelve per session.  There will be additional ones in August as well.  If you're interested, contact Catterson at [email protected] or call 262-594-3667. You can also go to the "Horse Power Healing Center's" website to learn more about other events this horse farm has to offer.



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