Michael Schlesinger, Meteorologist/Reporter

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It’s hard to keep up with Michael Schlesinger.

Quite often, you can find him fulfilling his meteorological duties on the weather desk, providing you with the most updated forecast. 

Then again, he might appear on a newscast at a festival or promoting a community happening or new business in town. Michael’s worked in the news business for more than 25 years, and he believes the overall secret to success in the broadcast industry lies mainly with the viewer and being able to connect with whoever is watching.

Whether it’s warning the public of an approaching storm or eating bugs at the Wisconsin State Fair, know Michael has you in mind.

Michael also plays an integral part reporting on “CBS 58 Sunday Morning.” This program is unique to our community, and it allows a greater profile of what’s happening across southeast Wisconsin with longer-formatted stories.

If you have a special story idea for Michael, for this show or just in general, feel free to email him at [email protected].

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