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Michael Schlesinger, Meteorologist/Reporter

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Michael has gotten to know the phrase "dark and early" very well since being on The CBS 58 Morning News. On the show, Michael is the cool feature reporter showing you what's hot and "talkable" in our community.

"I even do things I don't normally do, like zip lining in Lake Geneva or submerging in a pod of Epsom salt, so I can "float away" all my worries," says Michael.

If you have something neat, interesting, visual, and timely you'd like him to participate in, let him know. You can e-mail Michael at mschlesinger@cbs58.com or tweet him at @mikeywx8. 

And don't worry, you'll still see Michael going before the "weather wall" from time to time where he gets to fulfill one of his true passions. (You can't stop this Groundhog Day baby from giving his take on a forecast.)

When not reporting or doing weather, Michael enjoys volunteering for Jewish Family Services, hanging out with his cats, or being the best "foodie" he can be in a town filled with plenty of great meals.

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