Owner of Mami Feliz drives food truck towards bigger dreams

NOW: Owner of Mami Feliz drives food truck towards bigger dreams

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Ricardo Gonzalez is the owner of Mami Feliz Mexican Cuisine. He started the business six years ago going to farmer's markets with just a food cart. In just four years, he was able to save enough to open a full food trailer. 

The name Mami Feliz, appropriately, comes from his mom. 

"My cousin would say hey let's go to Mami Feliz's and go to eat, let's go to eat breakfast or let's eat this and the name came to be Mami Feliz," said Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez learned to cook tamales, tacos, rice and other Mexican staples from his mom. Now, you'll find them working the grills together at private events, farmer's markets and food truck festivals. 

Most Saturdays, they're at the Waukesha Farmers Market.

"You get to see, at the Farmer's Market, people are saying, 'Hey, this is our first stop. We can't wait every Saturday to be here and eat your food and enjoy this time,'" recalls Gonzalez. "So, those are the moments we really look for, to hear from people, and that really satisfies all that hard work and all that labor." 

But it wasn't that long ago he was giving away tacos, trying to get the word out. But one bite is all it takes. 

"We just start to get a line of people and mom was smiling and she was like, 'We're finally cooking, we're finally cooking,'" he said. "I remember that day we sold out of everything." 

It was the start of a bigger dream. One day, Gonzalez wants to open a full restaurant. 

You can find out where Mami Feliz will be next HERE. 

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