'Pay or shut up:' Milwaukee Police Association expects former Chief Morales to return Thursday

’Pay or shut up: ’ Milwaukee Police Association expects former Chief Morales to return Thursday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police Association President Dale Bormann said rank and file officers are left with questions and uncertainty about former Chief Morales' potential return, but he believes the likely answer is Morales coming back.

"I think at this moment, Chief Morales is planning on being the chief come that day," Bormann said of Thursday, July 15.

Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman said Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson and Alderman Ashanti Hamilton have taken the lead on negotiating with Morales on behalf of the city, and the city has decided to limit a potential settlement for Morales to $500,000.

Hamilton said in an email Monday that negotiations are still on the table, but both sides are prepared for Morales to return.

"It's a pending legal matter," Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett told reporters Monday, July 12. "I have not commented on it, and I will not comment on it. And I will comment on it one way or the other when we have reached an appropriate point."

Several city leaders disapproved of Morales' community relations and rhetoric. Morales' attorney, Frank Gimbel, says the former chief would take a harder stance on crime.

Bormann said a "hands off" strategy puts Milwaukee officers in danger.

"I was able to put hands on when necessary to make an arrest or to calm down a situation or things like that. I don't think our officers are being allowed to do that right now."

The uncertainty of chief comes during a historic crime spike in the city. Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas said whether Acting Chief Jeffrey Norman remains or Morales returns, they face challenges.

"We can start addressing some of the problems that we have in our community," Lucas said. "It doesn't matter to me who is there. We've got to get the job done."

Attorney Frank Gimbel said he would not comment on the situation Monday.

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