Sen. Baldwin pushes Go Pack Go bill, giving all Wisconsinites television access to Packers games

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Senator Tammy Baldwin reintroduced her Go Pack Go legislation this week. 

It would require cable and satellite providers to give Wisconsin subscribers access to TV stations within state borders. 

Without it, many people are deprived of Green Bay Packers games. 

Baldwin says 13 counties in Wisconsin are assigned to Michigan and Minnesota TV markets, so this weekend, they'll be watching the Vikings or the Lions games. 

"This particular Sunday, all three teams play at noon. That means, again, those who are served in out of state TV markets aren't going to be able to see their beloved Packers play," said Baldwin. "It also means that they can't get local news content, etc. And so this is a serious issue."

She also sent the letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to consider how scheduling teams simultaneously impacts Packers fans. 

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