Sherman Park Grocery aims to bring fresh produce to the neighborhood

NOW: Sherman Park Grocery aims to bring fresh produce to the neighborhood

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- The Sherman Park neighborhood is welcoming a new business. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held during the grand opening of Sherman Park Grocery on Friday, July 15. The store is located at 4315 W Fond du Lac Avenue.

The business is more than just a grocery store. The vision behind this venture is to increase wellness within the community by providing fresh and healthy produce options in an area historically known as a food desert.

Maurice "Moe" Wince and his wife Yashica Spears own the property and say they knew something like this was needed in the community. After seeing many children going to nearby gas stations to buy unhealthy snacks, the couple says they knew they could provide better options.

"The absence of healthy options has contributed to heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes and unhealthy we're excited to turn around and combat some of those things," said Wince.

Neighbors say they've been waiting for something like this as transportation can often be a barrier to food access in Sherman Park.

"For the older citizens, this new store is convenient," said Jeffery Richardson, who lives in the area.

Other longtime Milwaukee residents say they're excited for the overall impact of the store.

"I know it's bringing jobs and it's going to affect multi-generational people," said Shelia Haygood.

Haygood says it's powerful for kids to see a Black-owned and family-run business operating in their backyard. Especially a business that's teaching the importance of health living.

The store is made possible through multiple community partnerships and the city's Fresh Food Access Fund, which provides financial support to initiatives that increase fresh food access in underserved communities.

"We're excited to start building community," said Wince.

Some of the produce will come through a partnership with Fork Farms, which teaches hydroponics farming. Kids in the neighborhood will be growing herbs and vegetables in hydroponic pods just above the store.

"Products generated from those pods will be sold right here on these grocery store shelves," said Wince.

In addition to fresh produce, the 2,100-square foot store is stocked with packaged meats, canned goods and household supplies. There will also be a hot deli, serving healthy soul food and services like check cashing and bill payment will also be accessible here.

"We're very thankful for the support of the community," said Yashica Spears.

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