Slenderman stabbing: Morgan Geyser seeks early release from mental health facility

Slenderman stabbing: Morgan Geyser seeks early release from mental health facility

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A court hearing was held Wednesday for 21-year-old Morgan Geyser to discuss her petition for conditional release from a state-run mental health facility.

Geyser, along with Anisa Weir, were 12-years old when they stabbed their classmate, nearly killing her back in 2014. At the time, the two girls said they committed the crime to please a fictional character known as Slenderman.

Weir was granted conditional release back in 2021 and now Geyser is hoping for the same.

Wednesday was day one of Geyser's hearing. Ahead of this court date, a judge ordered that Geyser undergo psychological evaluations in order for her request to be considered by the court.

On Wednesday, two of three doctors took the stand to share their recommendations on Geyser's future.

"It's my opinion to the reasonable belief of professional certainty that the facts weigh contrary to her petition, to her safe release to the community," said Dr. Deborah Collins, Licensed Psychologist.

Collins says over the past 10 years, she's had at least a dozen sessions with Geyser and although she's seen some progress, she still does not believe release is appropriate at this time but could be in the future with continued treatment.

Another doctor agreed that now is not the time for Geyser's release. "It is my opinion that she continues to pose a significant risk of bodily harm to self, others or property so in other words I’m not in support of her petition to be released at this point," said Dr. Brooke Lundbohm, Clinical Psychologist.

Also mentioned in court was Geyser's history of schizophrenia and other psychological disorders.

A third doctor will take the stand Thursday morning to share recommendations reported to the court and Geyser's attorneys will also get the chance to ask questions.

If conditional release is granted by the judge, a formal release plan will need to be approved by the court.

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