Study finds COVID-19 diagnosis connected to developing psychiatric conditions

NOW: Study finds COVID-19 diagnosis connected to developing psychiatric conditions

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) – A new study from the University of Oxford finds a connection between having COVID-19 and developing a psychiatric condition.

“The most common ones they found were anxiety disorders, insomnia and dementia. Other studies are finding that other conditions like depression, cognitive issues like brain fog or concentration issues,” UW Health distinguished health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain said. “Mental health really needs to be addressed with a diagnosis of COVID-19 for many people.”

Experts believe the disruption to people’s social, work and exercise routines due to COVID-19 are also contributing factors.

“It’s so important to work on coping strategies to keep your mental health strong during these challenging times,” Mirgain said.

Coping strategies can include developing a tolerance for uncertainty, pacing activity and finding support through loved ones or professionals.

“For many people seeking behavioral health is really important to deal with the secondary consequences of contracting the virus,” Mirgain explained. “Contacting a behavioral health specialist where you can do some talk therapy or for some people talking to your physician or even seeing a psychiatrist and being put on medication to treat those secondary psychological conditions.”

On Thursday, Feb. 25, Carroll University announced it will offer a Master of Science in Behavioral Health Psychology beginning in the fall.

Carroll president Cindy Gnadinger released the following statement:

“Mental Health has taken center stage in our country, and it is important that Carroll continues to step up to address the growing needs within our communities. This new program allows us to train our students to provide essential behavioral health services that will help fill the gap, and increase access to mental health resources where they are most scarce.”

The program will be a mix of in-person and online work.

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