Suspect in murder of Milwaukee attorney claims self-defense as new video comes to light

NOW: Suspect in murder of Milwaukee attorney claims self-defense as new video comes to light

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man charged with killing a local attorney is claiming self-defense.

Theodore Edgecomb's defense team says new video shows he acted in self-defense.

Edgecomb's defense team held a news conference Wednesday, Dec. 8, drawing comparisons between this case and the Kyle Rittenhouse case -- even calling on the same expert to testify.

"As far as Dr. Black goes, we only learned about him through that trial, and he's very well qualified and he's got an extensive resume," said defense attorney Aneeq Ahmad. "He's testified numerous times. He's a veteran, he's a police officer, law enforcement background, so we thought he'd be objective."

In court Wednesday, Theodore Edgecomb's attorneys indicated they will call Dr. John Black to testify.

He is the video and use of force expert who testified for Kyle RIttenhouse.

Edgecomb claims he acted in self-defense when he killed Milwaukee attorney Jason Cleereman last year. 

Edgecomb was on a bike, Cleereman and his wife were in a car. Police called it a road rage incident.

The defense team says video shows the Cleereman car try to run Edgecomb off the road. That's when Cleereman gets out and confronts Edgecomb, and shots are fired. 

Edgecomb claims Cleereman had a knife.

His supporters and mom say if Rittenhouse, a white man, can use self-defense, so can Edgecomb, a Black man.

"I feel like justice will happen for my son," said Edgecomb's mother, Sonya. "This should have never occurred, my son is a very humble person and anyone who knows him knows this is not his character."

Edgecomb's trial is set for Jan. 3.

His attorneys say he will testify in his own defense.

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