Tow truck hits and damages several parked cars on Milwaukee's east side

NOW: Tow truck hits and damages several parked cars on Milwaukee’s east side

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- It was a stressful Wednesday morning for some residents on Milwaukee's east side after a tow truck hit several cars.

It happened near Park Place and Stowell Avenue on Tuesday night. The next afternoon, there was still debris left at the scene.

"If I woke up to that, I would be very upset," said Victoria Mandli, who lives across the street from where the crash occurred. She says she heard the cars get hit from inside her apartment.

"I heard this loud crash, and we thought it was the dumpsters, but it wasn't," she said.

Hayden Wegner and Hannah Wuerfel came outside to find that their car was one of the three that was hit by the tow truck.

"We don't know how he ran into three cars but he just side-swiped all three cars here and mine just got pushed up over the curb and into the tree, and it kind of just took the whole side off," said Wuerfel.

As they wait for insurance to come and retrieve the vehicle, the couple says they're grateful the tow truck driver that hit the cars stayed around to talk to police and that no one was hurt.

Alcohol was not a factor in the crash, according to police. MPD says the tow truck driver was inattentive when he hit the parked vehicles and that he has been cited.

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