Two chances of rain this coming week, and they're not overly impressive

NOW: Two chances of rain this coming week, and they’re not overly impressive

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--File this report under "we'll take what we can get" category.  There are two chances of precipitation this week.  Monday and Saturday.  But here's the disclaimer.  Both opportunities don't look impressive.  Each one comes with two different frontal systems, both rather weak.  We're talking a few hundredths of an inch with each event, generally speaking.  But it could be more depending on where storms set up.  

Also, haze and smoke could reappear in this forecast, especially Sunday and Monday in response to wildfires burning in eastern Canada.  This could reduce visibility a bit.  Otherwise, expect quiet conditions all week long with highs mainly in the 70s and lows in the 50s.

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