'I'm still with you': Wauwatosa 911 dispatcher helps woman deliver her baby over the phone

NOW: ’I’m still with you’: Wauwatosa 911 dispatcher helps woman deliver her baby over the phone

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS58) – Emergency dispatchers help in a variety of situations. They often connect people in emergencies to first responders. However, last month, Wauwatosa Dispatch Supervisor Greg Geis, rose to a challenge he had not encountered in his 21 years of experience.

Geis answered the call for a woman who was in active labor and did not have time to get to the hospital.

911 Dispatcher Geis: "Ok, I'm going to help you deliver your baby. I'm sending the paramedics to help. Stay on the line and I'll tell you what to do next."

Geis has taken calls for shootings, stabbings, armed robbery, heart attacks, diabetics in distress, choking -- but never to help deliver a baby.

“There’s an initial freak out but I don’t show it, I go hyper focused. If you listen to the recording, you hear my voice deepen, that's me going into pinpoint focus. Alright we’ve got a woman in labor we are going to go through the entire protocol and we are going to do this safely,” Geis recalled.

While the call and delivery only lasted about four minutes, Geis was able to make sure both mom and baby were safe.

“She said the contractions were less than two minutes and her water broke, and I had her per the protocol assume a comfortable position and before you know it, we heard the baby crying," Geis said.

Geis stayed on the line with the woman until EMS arrived. He noted how calm she was the entire time.

“To her credit she didn't strike me as someone panicking," Geis recalled.

For his incredible efforts, Geis was awarded the "Stork Pin," reserved specifically for dispatchers to successfully aid in the delivery of a baby.

Geis hopes both mom and baby are happy and healthy.

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