Wauwatosa residents and activists protest to protect coyotes

NOW: Wauwatosa residents and activists protest to protect coyotes


WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A group of people are protesting to protect the growing coyote population across Wisconsin.

After a dog was attacked last year, Wauwatosa officials announced coyote trapping efforts to manage the population, but some say trapping and killing coyotes is not the answer.

A small group of Wauwatosa residents and activists from Direct Action Everywhere gathered outside City Hall Wednesday to protest Wauwatosa's coyote nuisance management plan.

Megen Scott, a 20-year Wauwatosa resident, was among the group of protesters.

"Some of the changes we would like to see made are...if there is a dog that is bitten, to do more research to evaluate the site, because it's very difficult to determine if a coyote did, and what coyote did it," she said.

The group is against trapping and killing the animals. "The removal of coyotes does not help stop the coyotes from moving back in," said Scott.

Protesters want the city to tap into more scientific research and revamp their management plan.

CBS 58 reached out to the city with concerns from protesters. A spokesperson said a coyote trapper was hired on a two-week contract following a reported pet attack in October.

No catches were made, and the contract concluded at the end of February. The city says there are no trappers actively pursuing coyotes at this time.


The city says in the last year, there has only been one verified pet attack.

In 2022, several coyotes were trapped and euthanized after a dog was killed.

Another trapper wouldn't be needed unless another pet was attacked or a resident requested assistance after proving a pattern of threatening human interaction by a coyote, according to the city's management plan.

This comes as the coyote population is up across the state.

Protesters say they still want their concerns considered. "We've been in contact with some alder people in Wauwatosa. We are trying to get on the agenda so we can discuss with them the changes we'd like to see made," said Scott.

The Wauwatosa community affairs committee has introduced a proposal for an ordinance to prohibit people from feeding wildlife, including coyotes. A spokesperson for the city says they believe it's a step in the right direction for getting management under control.

The Common Council will consider that proposal on Tuesday.


The DNR has tips to coexist with coyotes:

  • Don't feed coyotes, directly or indirectly
  • Be vigilant with your pet
  • If they're on your property, make them feel unwelcome

If you're ever uncomfortable, call your local animal control.

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