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Weather Whys: What's the difference between meteorological seasons and 'normal' ones?

Weather Whys: What’s the difference between meteorological seasons and ’normal’ ones?


We may still be three weeks away from the seasons officially changing March 21 but this past Saturday, February 29 meteorological winter came to an end and meteorological spring began Sunday, March 1. Bob asked today's Weather Whys question: What is the difference between meteorological seasons and 'normal' ones?

The biggest reason has to do with stat keeping. Meteorological seasons keep whole months intact and separate each season into three month segments. It's based on the calendar year and is more in line with temperature cycles. 

Astronomical seasons which are still official seasons are based on the rotation around the sun. It's all about the solstices when we are farthest or closest to the sun and equinoxes when the sun is directly over the equator. The length of the astronomical seasons caries between 89 to 93 days. 

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