Justin Thompson-Gee, Meteorologist

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Justin Thompson-Gee arrived at CBS 58 in 2015 as a freelance meteorologist and was quickly promoted to weekends a few months later. He's been on the CBS 58 Morning News since 2019. Every day Justin looks forward to helping southeast Wisconsin get ready for their day when they wake up. Since arriving in Wisconsin he has forecasted and reported on tornado outbreaks, record flooding, extreme temperature swings and late spring snow storms.

Justin has spent all of his adult life in the Midwest, but he actually grew up in New York. Living in the Northeast Justin had a chance to experience it all: thunderstorms, big winter nor’easters and the occasional threat of a tropical storm. Unlike some meteorologists, Justin wasn’t a weather nerd his whole life. Sports, acting and singing took up most of his childhood and it wasn’t until late in high school that he decided to combine his passions and pursue a career in weather.

After moving to the Midwest, Justin received his BS in Meteorology from Valparaiso University in northern Indiana. While at Valpo Justin took an interest in storm chasing and logged over 18,000 miles chasing all throughout the Plains states. After graduation, Justin moved to Minnesota where he worked for KAAL-TV in Rochester, MN. In 2017 Justin was awarded the CBM (Certified Broadcast Meteorologist) from the American Meteorological Society.

Just before arriving in Wisconsin Justin married his storm chasing partner Stephanie. Justin and Stephanie have three children: Leah, Stevie and Jude. When not taking advantage of Milwaukee or forecasting “cooler by the lake”, Justin loves relaxing and playing with his kids including his Wisconsin Humane Society adopted dachshund Peeta. You can often see Justin and his family at many of the numerous festivals dotting southeast Wisconsin, out at the park or taking in a Brewers game

P.S. The Thompson-Gee in Justin's name comes from a combination of his parent's last names. When Justin's parents married they hyphenated their last names forming Thompson-Gee. The Thompson comes from his mother's side and the Gee from Justin's dad.

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