WI Sen. Lena Taylor cited after "altercation" with bank teller

NOW: WI Sen. Lena Taylor cited after “altercation“ with bank teller

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee's City Attorney will have to weigh whether or not State Senator Lena Taylor will be cited with disorderly conduct. On Friday Taylor's attorney said the discussion happening after an altercation with a bank teller last Friday.

Vince Bobot, Taylor's attorney, said the citation was originally given to her by officers at the Wells Fargo branch at 735 West Wisconsin Avenue, but now it's under review.

"She had brought a check there that was given to her by a tenant and it was for a lot of delinquent rent. And Lena had gone there just to see if the check was still good," Bobot said, reached by phone.

The altercation - again, described by Taylor's attorney - started with a disagreement about if she had to sign the check even though she just wanted to see if there was enough money in the account.

"And then I said 'Well Lena, before we go into it any further - because they're making accusation of a racial slur and all this - I'd rather be in person with you. Let us look at the tape that was at the Wells Fargo Bank. Also, I understand the police had a body cam," Bobot said.

Neither Milwaukee Police nor Wells Fargo has commented on the situation.

Bobot says Taylor does not think the situation amounted to disorderly conduct defined by municipal ordinance.

"I mean she did intimate to me that they're trying to accuse her of a racial slur. But I don't want to get into that right now. You know, it's highly unusual for it to go to the press like this," Bobot said.

Taylor and her attorney have requested to meet with the Milwaukee city attorney as he reviews the citation. There is no timeline for that but citations are typically reviewed within about a month and a half's time, Bobot said.

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