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Wisconsin lawmakers introduce legislation that would legalize physician-assisted suicide

NOW: Wisconsin lawmakers introduce legislation that would legalize physician-assisted suicide


MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- State lawmakers have introduced legislation that gives terminally ill patients the option to have doctors help them end their lives. 

"I think it is immoral to keep those people suffering the last days of their life," said State Senator Fred Risser, D - Madison. 

Sen. Risser says the first time he introduced the legislation was in 1993 and he believes people's opinions on the topic have changed since then.

The End-of-Life Options Act (LRB 1624-1) would allow mentally capable, terminally ill adults with less than six months to live the ability to end life on their own terms.

The Executive Director for Wisconsin Right to Life says she has concerns there aren't safeguards in place for people who think this is the best alternative.

"It's not a doctor's job to take life, it's not a doctor's job to assist in the killing of someone at the end of life," says Heather Weininger, Executive Director for Wisconsin Right to Life. "What they should be doing is providing comfort care to those people. That's what they should be doing." 

Sen. Risser says the bill is being circulated among lawmakers to see what kind of support it receives. 

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JulieGrimstad 255 days ago
In response to Senator Risser's pecular idea of what is "immoral," I would say that killing sick people is the height of immorality. We must ask, "Why are they suffering?" Usually it is because they have some unmet need -- perhaps they are lonely, feel like others perceive them as being a burden or inconvenience, fear what the future holds, have unmet medical needs, etc. Those kinds of suffering can be remedied without killing a person. We simply have to care enough to ask the person, "What can I do to help you?" and not "Let me help you kill yourself."
Julie Grimstad, President
HALO (Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization)
MartiOakley 255 days ago
the efforts to cull the elderly population are always presented as some merciful, death with dignity, the kindest thing you can do for them...warm and fuzzy ideas. The truth of the matter is that they have been murdering the elderly at a very rapid rate thru hospice and medical kidnappings. This is no country to grow old in. Whether you dress it up as hospice "end of life care" (meaning they immediately withheld food and hydration and started massive doses of drugs) to facilitate a speedy demise, or take an elderly individual prisoner thru the medical system, the end result is the premature death of an elderly person determined to be disposable...The elderly in this country have been determined to be a waste population and one that needs to be disposed of as quickly as possible. The opportunity for abuse by predators in this system is extreme. And who are these people who spend their days murdering the vulnerable? What person knowingly participates on a daily basis in taking the lives of others and then goes home and goes about their lives as if nothing happened?
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