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Wisconsin police fear effects of legal pot at state's borders

NOW: Wisconsin police fear effects of legal pot at state’s borders


BELOIT, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Recreational marijuana is now legal to the North and, in a matter of weeks, to the South. Police in border communities fear the easier access to the drug will increase crime on their roads and in their towns.

"There is not one good scientifically valid reason to legalize marijuana," said Beloit Police Chief David Zibolski.

He drew a line in the sand on recreational marijuana, because he said there is literally a line outside of his police department.

"You can leave Beloit, cross the street, buy it, bringing it back of course is illegal," said Zibolski.

He warned recreational marijuana will bring big problems to this state.

"We'll likely see an increase in crime, especially violent crime, we'll see an increase in black market marijuana," said Zibolski.

He crouched his concern in an annual report published by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. The program said since 2013, when Colorado legalized marijuana, the state saw an increase in drugged driving, traffic deaths, and marijuana abuse among kids.

Kenosha police released a statement Monday saying when it comes to pot its going to be business as usual on their end. Other border police departments told CBS 58 they worry similar trends seen in Colorado will show up in Wisconsin.

But another federal study found no notable differences in states bordering those with legal pot.

Zibolski isn't convinced. He's got officers trained in drug recognition ready to go. And he keeps doing what he can to educate the public about pot.

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James 77 days ago
I was going to comment, but ya'll got it summed up nicely.
Jill 78 days ago
Chief Zibolski must have seen "Reefer Madness" one too many times. Meanwhile, let the alcohol flow...
AdrianSchwister 115 days ago
Zibolski is a freaking tool. Do your research before you speak on public television. The only crime marijuana will bring is possession and paraphernalia charges. At least you know what your getting with the regulation of marijuana. Theres been cases where marijuana contained fentanyl. The only violence marijuana will bring is, beloit police beating civilians for a naturally grown plant, not altered in anyway. Where is this tool getting his information? #educatethepolice #supervisethepolice #regulatewisconsin
johndoe 116 days ago
How about you give it a chance for users to act and behave responsibly first. Then you can drop the hammer and arrest and incarcerate the irresponsible ones. Leave the responsible ones and the medicinal users be to continue to lead productive lives. Mic drop.
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