Wisconsinites not deterred by higher Christmas tree prices

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If you nabbed a Christmas tree this weekend, you aren't alone.

Christmas tree lots here in southeast Wisconsin say their stock is moving fast this year, despite an increase in price.

"Starting off extremely well again, for only being open two days we're almost half done with our tree allotment," said Tree Men and a Lady co-owner Paul Budzisz.

He and Claire Raasch, the other co-owner, say they've been selling Christmas trees at Tree Men and a Lady for nearly 30 years.

This year, they have small trees starting at $35, with the biggest trees they offer coming in at around $120.

They say the same things that have been raising prices everywhere are hitting them too.

"The freight is probably the biggest thing, we marked ours up, just what it costs us extra to bring the trees in," said Budzisz. "Say we were $72, we're $80 this year, it's about eight bucks more per tree, freight, growers expense and so forth."

Despite that small price increase, the owners say that they aren't seeing any shortage of people coming out to get a real Christmas tree.

"[When we go] Christmas shopping, we don't really kind of have anything specific in mind. I think you definitely want like over six foot," said Earnest Matinez.

"Yeah, well, the big tree," said Sarah Martinez.

Earnest and Sara were one of many couples picking up a tree Saturday, they say the estimated national 5-15% increase on the price of Christmas trees isn't stopping them from staying with a real tree.

"Doesn't really make that big of a difference," said Earnest, "I mean, it's like a $50 increase maybe but I don't think it's anywhere near that."

Which means for Raasch and everyone at places like Tree Men and a Lady, the fun of seeing families pick out a tree for the holiday season will continue.

"The children, seeing the children grow up. Year by year. We have so many repeat customers. Best part!" said Raasch.

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