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Wisconsin's GOP field office in Milwaukee vandalized

NOW: Wisconsin’s GOP field office in Milwaukee vandalized


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin's GOP field office located in Milwaukee was vandalized overnight Tuesday, Feb. 18. 

In a video tweeted by the Wisconsin GOP, what appears to be black paint is splattered all over the front windows of the office near Dr. Martin Luther King Drive and North Avenue. 

The Wisconsin GOP tweeted the following caption: "This won’t change our commitment to reaching voters in the community. What kind of intolerance can we expect to see when Democrats bring their convention to Milwaukee this summer?"

The Republican Party of Wisconsin says they won't be deterred by the vandalism. 

"We're here," said Chairman Andrew Hitt. "We want to be part of this community, that's not going to change."

Vandals tagged the word "scum" on a backdoor and spray painted windows. 

Officials say the building's cameras weren't working at the time. 

Milwaukee police are investigating.

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Lawrence 43 days ago
Did the vandals pardon any criminals doing time in Federal Penitentiaries?
Convicted of a crime used to mean something. No more.
Steven 43 days ago
Typical Democrats
I would be totally embarrassed to call myself one, look at these people, no class ... all Hate!
Including you Lawrence, wake up!
Show me a democratic city that is thriving right now… Illinois? California? All circling the drain.
Give me one good example?
Kevin Steven 42 days ago
Seattle, San francisco, Honolulu
Kevin Kevin 41 days ago
those are actually cities (not Illinois or California) and cities that are doing quite well as far as wealth and business - oh and they are all run by Democratic mayors
Jill 43 days ago
Democrats...the party of "no hate".
Lawrence 43 days ago
Everyone opposes the criminality these R's support behind Trump. Even vandals.
Their fake message of racial equality fools no one.
We are going to vote you out and slam the door behind you in November.
And let the actual-real criminal investigations commence. You first, Trump.
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