With Rodgers silent on next move, look to the stars?

NOW: With Rodgers silent on next move, look to the stars?

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- As the sporting world seeks answers on Aaron Rodgers' next move, it has looked to the Packers front office, to trusted NFL journalists, even to Pat McAfee. But what if we are all looking in the wrong place? What if the answers lie not in our Twitter feeds, but in the stars?

Rodgers himself says he looks to astrology for guidance, so we decided to do the same thing

Altered State of Mind in Bay View offers all kinds of alternative medicine and many ways to open your mind. Owner Krystle Stagman is not a football fan, but says she knows Aaron Rodgers.

“I heard that he’s tried ayahuasca, which is a beautiful plant medicine that’s going to open his heart space,” she said.

We asked if one of their 30 different readers, or healers, or seers could use tarot cards to look into the Packers quarterback’s future, but Assistant Manager Carly Sequin says that is unethical.

“The reason I wouldn’t read an individual without their consent is that it’s just a matter of privacy,” Sequin said.

But since Rodgers has made his astrology birth chart public, Sequin was willing to try to shed some light on what is in the stars for the future Hall of Famer.

“He just takes loyalty very seriously,” Sequin said.

Loyalty could explain why Rodgers is reportedly trying to lure Green Bay teammates with him to New York. Seguin says his chart also suggests Rodgers is misunderstood.

“So that’s probably something he’s had to work through, throughout his life,” she said.

But the question everyone wants answered Tuesday is: will Rodgers head to New York, or retire?

“His life is more for the people,” Sequin said.

Which people? People in Wisconsin? New York? The people on the golf course?

“It’s for whoever is more willing to accept him, how about that?” Sequin said.

Astrology, like NFL reporters, does not seem to have definitive answers at this time.

“I think it’s quite possible that even (Rodgers) doesn’t know quite yet what he’s going to do,” Sequin said.

When it comes to Aaron Rodgers, the all-seeing eye of the mystic arts may be just as blind as everyone else.

We may get more clarity on Wednesday, when the Packers legend is scheduled to appear on the Pat McAfee show at noon.

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