2 mayoral candidates move forward on Kenosha's April ballot

NOW: 2 mayoral candidates move forward on Kenosha’s April ballot

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A crowded mayoral primary in Kenosha has been whittled down. Just two candidates move forward to the April ballot. We sat down with both candidates on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

The top two vote getters are Lydia Spottswood and David Bogdala. He's been a Kenosha alderman for 16 years, something he says voters point out.

"More than anything they want somebody who's ready on day one. We've got so many projects. We've got so many tough tasks ahead of us that this is not the time for somebody to be learning on the job," said Bogdala.

Lydia Spottswood's a retired nurse and former Kenosha alderwoman, but still active in Kenosha politics.

"Right now, I'm serving probably on more boards than some members of the common council," said Spottswood.

We asked Spottswood, "How do you justify somebody saying 'well, she doesn't have the experience?'"

"A lot of people don't really understand the importance of citizen volunteers in local government. We play a crucial role in that. One of the ironies of that question is that Mr. Bogdala has voted for me 15 times to serve in local government," said Spottswood.

Bogdala says Kenosha's seen positive change in his 16 years on the common council and continues to grow.

"We've got the Chrysler, former Chrysler engine plant site, the KIN Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood, that's starting. We actually have the Incubator Facility next week. I’m very excited about that and then all of the developments happening in the Uptown Neighborhood," said Bogdala.

Both candidates say in the next two months leading up to the April 2nd election, they plan to canvass all neighborhoods.

"We're at half time, we went in the locker room feeling pretty good, we're ahead, but there's a whole second half here left to play," said Bogdala.

"I'm very blessed in that right after we saw the final numbers come in, I was getting calls from other candidates who had been in the election were offering their support," said Spottswood.

The April election brings about a change this city hasn't seen in two decades. Mayor John Antaramian is reitiring after 24 years.

As for the mayoral candidates' visions from Kenosha moving forward?

"One is affordable housing and economic expansion, and the other is quality of life which I link strongly to public safety," said Spottswood.

"Getting into the old neighborhoods, rebuilding the infrastructure in those areas and making sure that the folks hear that their government is working for them and we're gonna

take care of their neighborhoods and that's what they want," said Bogdala.

Visit Spottswood and Bogdala's websites for more information on the candidates. 

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