3 Wisconsin women to embark on a 27-mile hike on Yosemite to raise funds

NOW: 3 Wisconsin women to embark on a 27-mile hike on Yosemite to raise funds

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Three generations of women will set out on a demanding hike through California’s Yosemite Valley for a good cause.

"We're doing a 27-mile hike over four days and really looking forward to it," said Fran Wargolet.

"It's just amazing to share this experience, share the challenge that it's going to be and the blessing that we can do this together," added her daughter Katrina Kyne.

"It's pretty nice because then I know I don't have to be super-fast 'cause I can slow down," chuckled Kyne's 13-year-old daughter, Sophie.

Fran Wargolet.77, of Lake Shangri La is part Polish.

"I got involved with ShelterBox a little over a year ago when Russia invaded Ukraine and I wanted to know what I could do to help," she said.

Wargolet became an ambassador for the international nonprofit because she says the Russian conflict hits a little too close to home.

"The Polish people are very afraid of Putin, and they figure if they take over and they're successful in Ukraine it's not going to stop them, they're just going to keep going," she added.

Her daughter Katrina Kyne of Mukwonago was in the army for 22 years as a construction engineer.

"I've been to Bosnia, and Afghanistan, and Iraq," Kyne said. "We travel the roads, we rebuild the roads, so we see the different neighborhoods the torn-out buildings the people living in whatever shelter possible."

She's seen first-hand harsh living conditions abroad.

"The building materials are quite different and then you throw in conflict upon that, it's the sense of security is gone," she said with tears in her eyes. "You see the kids...playing in the streets with, yeah, no shelter, it's quite humbling."

The international organization provides emergency shelter and other lifesaving supplies to families affected by natural disasters or conflict.

The family told CBS 58 News recovery starts with shelter. As of Monday afternoon, they've been able to raise a little more than $9,400 and they're hoping to reach their $15,000 goal.

Sophie Kyne said she recalls when they were stationed in Hawaii. She was only in kindergarten then.

"When we were in Hawaii there were tons of hiking trails and waterfalls, and I would always like to go hike and then go swimming," she shared.

Although the trio has frequently hiked together in the past, this next journey that will begin on Aug. 13, will definitely be no walk in the park but it will be one for the books.

If you'd like to help the ladies in their journey and reach their donation goal, click here.

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