As retro duckpin bowling makes a comeback, Koz's rolls with the original

NOW: As retro duckpin bowling makes a comeback, Koz’s rolls with the original

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- You've probably been bowling, but have you tried mini bowling?

Many places are bringing back the retro game of duck-pin bowling, but Milwaukee is home to the oldest duckpin lanes.

Koz's Mini Bowl is the oldest duckpin bowling left in the US.

"1800's this building was put in, since then it was always a bar," said Justin Kosakoski, the owner of Koz's. "This guy Boscoe owned it for about 30 years. In '47 the lanes were put in."

The miniature pins and paper scorecards are a striking resemblance to the past. Pin setters even scurry around to reset the lanes. That was Kosakoski's first job. He started resetting the pins at just six years old.

Koz's has been around for nearly 50 years, when Kosakoski's father took over the bar.

"He worked very hard in his whole life to make this atmosphere what it is, which I can be more than proud to say that I am a Koz."

People come from around the world to visit Koz's, but it's not just for the bowling. It's a nostalgic Wisconsin dive bar with taxidermy and Koz's special brew on tap.

Today, it continues to receive accolades from people around the country as a top place to check out.

"I always like listing," said Kosakoski. "Number one dive bar in America, top bar in America by Esquire, top 20 things to do after midnight by Maxim magazine."

The bar hosts parties and individuals for bowling daily.

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