Souls to the Polls: Faith leaders empower Wisconsinites to make their voices heard

Souls to the Polls: Faith leaders empower Wisconsinites to make their voices heard


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58): A group of faith leaders from diverse denominations gathered Monday for one last push to the polls before Election Day.

Souls to the Polls Wisconsin held an interfaith and intercultural conference at Milwaukee City Hall, reiterating that voting is important, safe, and necessary.

"We need to remind people how important it is, and we also need to let people know that their vote is pure power," said Reverend Greg Lewis, with Souls to the Polls.

The organization is focused on voting accessibility, reminding voters of their rights in each election.

"No matter who you are, no matter what color you are, you need to engage in the process, because your vote is important. You shouldn't let suppressive initiatives keep you from the polls, because one thing they can't do is keep you from voting," Rev. Lewis said.

Souls to the Polls will offer free rides to Milwaukee polling places on Election Day to anyone that calls their hotline: 414-742-1060.

Some of the organizers will act as poll observers.

"I have about 12 different locations that I'm going to, to make sure that people are not being intimidated at the polls," said outreach and education coordinator, Anita Johnson.

Souls to the Polls' initiative is to make sure that everyone in every community can make their voice heard.

"People really believe that their vote doesn't matter, and that is so far from the truth," said Rev. Lewis.

The organization had 600 canvassers out across Milwaukee on Monday.

Representatives from Souls to the Polls will be at Milwaukee's central count on Tuesday.

Click here for more information on Souls to the Polls and voting rights.

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