Mother Nature gives us reminders this week we're very much still in winter

NOW: Mother Nature gives us reminders this week we’re very much still in winter

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--It's almost like the winter that never really was (minus January's big winter storm.) You look at the snowfall deficit for the season along with the very mild temperatures we've averaged over the last few months.  Then it was Thursday's tornadoes, something you've never really seen during the month of February in Wisconsin until now.

However, I do see a pattern change coming during the course of the next week.  A weather system will give us a wintry mix on Thursday followed by a push of Arctic air by the weekend.  And with this push of colder air, one computer model, the Euro, is hinting at some snowfall late Friday into Saturday afternoon.  As it stands now though, the Euro is the outlier.  But keep in mind, it's a rather reliable model.  By next Sunday, highs could struggle to get out of the 20s.  Of course there's a lot of forecasting to be done between then and now.  

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