Aaron Rodgers speaks at astrology webinar

NOW: Aaron Rodgers speaks at astrology webinar

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Say what you want about Aaron Rodgers, but the Packers quarterback is never boring. 

This past weekend, he won the pro-am event for a golf tournament at Pebble Beach. And now? Well on Monday, he spoke at an astrology webinar. 

Rodgers joined astrologer Debra Silverman in her online workshop. 

The Green Bay Packers quarterback says he took her class during the pandemic, and through astrology, not only learned to understand himself better, but also his teammates and coaches. 

While they unpacked his astrology chart, the stars did not show us whether or not Rodgers will stick with the Packers next season.

"We don't care where Aaron is going to play next. What we care is does Aaron have peace inside of his own heart, and I have watched him fall in love with himself right in front of my eyes," said Silverman. 

"That's what astrology has done for me, is given permission slip to really embrace and love myself better and then also to understand the people in my, you know, in my circle," said Rodgers. 

Rodgers says he does readings for his friends and tries to figure out what sign they are without directly asking.

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