After record-setting career with the Badgers, Nicolet grad Destiny Huven transferring to Arkansas

NOW: After record-setting career with the Badgers, Nicolet grad Destiny Huven transferring to Arkansas

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Before she even put on her first pair of track shoes, Destiny Huven already knew who she wanted to surpass.

"My mom did track, so I really went in with the mindset that I really just want to beat her," said Huven. "She takes full credit for me starting my track career too, so it works for both of our favors."

Her mother, Angela, did not run in college, but Destiny followed in her footsteps. She won state titles while at Nicolet High School, a Big Ten champion in the 100m hurdles and a two-time All-American. She holds two school records in the indoor and outdoor hurdles, as well.

"I set a lot of high expectations for me, and like I said, my family, as well as my coaches from AAU, high school and even into college, have always been supportive of me," said Huven. "I'm really grateful for everything that I've been given and everybody that I have around me to look up to and support me."

Success came outside of the collegiate realm as well. Making the U.S.A. Olympic trials in 2021 in the 100m hurdles. This summer winning a bronze medal for Team USA in the NACAC Under-23 event in Costa Rica.

"So, to be able to wear the Team USA gear and to be able to be in the atmosphere with all the greats you looked up to and now you're competing against. It's great to see how far you can get in life just by making sure that you're always believing in yourself and putting in the work," said Huven.

Huven still has more she wants to accomplish and isn't afraid to push herself. She is transferring to Arkansas as a graduate student to continue her track career. Huven wants to study clinical counseling for mental health. She's also looking forward to competing in the SEC in a warmer climate with more opportunities to get outside training.

"I want to make sure that I go into this season and come out of this season healthy. I really want to push myself to my limits to see how fast I can go," said Huven. "I'm really looking forward to it and I'm not really setting any expectations, I really want to bring it all in and be present with it and just hold all my expectations for on the track. being healthy, being happy and competing to the best of my ability."

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