Airlines adding flights to Mitchell International Airport for RNC in Milwaukee

NOW: Airlines adding flights to Mitchell International Airport for RNC in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – We're nearly one month away from the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

The event will bring thousands of travelers from across the country for the lead-up to a major presidential election.

The first stop for many of those travelers will be Milwaukee's airport.

Roundtrip flights to and from Milwaukee are being added by several different airlines for the RNC, and Mitchell International Airport staff will have all hands on deck.

"Whether you're coming to visit or whether you live here and are flying out, we want all of our travelers to use MKE," said Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley.

All eyes will be on Milwaukee for the RNC, and their first impression will be at the airport.

"This is going to be their first introduction to what we have to offer in our entire community," Crowley said.

United Airlines will add eight nonstop round-trip flights from Washington-Dulles, two from Washington-National, and two from Denver for the convention.

American Airlines will add a nonstop round-trip from New York-Laguardia.

Other airlines are upgrading aircraft sizes to and from Milwaukee.

"It's going to be very similar to a spring break scenario, so if you traveled during those times, it'll be similar to what you'll expect during the RNC," said Airport Director Brian Dranzik.

Mitchell International Airport will be fully staffed for the RNC, including "airport ambassador" volunteers who welcome travelers.

"We want to make sure that people get to where they need to go comfortably," Dranzik said.

Overall, the airport director believes the convention is a positive for Mitchell International, as it thrives on demand.

"I think as the city gets more and more large-scale conventions like this, it will just improve the air service out of Milwaukee," Dranzik explained.

"The more and more that you utilize this airport, the more direct flights we can add every day, every year," Crowley said.

Airport improvements are being made ahead of the RNC, with new retail and snack locations, signage, and renovations, as they hope to give attendees the best experience possible.

"We have to take advantage of this convention. We're excited that it's coming here, and we want all the attendees to spend as much money as possible before leaving out of here," Crowley said.

It's going to be busy. Peak arrival dates for the RNC are expected to be July 13-15, 2024. Peak departure dates are expected to be July 19-20.

The airport has a webpage with RNC travel information, here.

Milwaukee County also has an RNC information page.

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