Attorney hired by Stinson family: 'The family wants to know what was going on in the squad'

NOW: Attorney hired by Stinson family: ’The family wants to know what was going on in the squad’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Three weeks after a crash involving a deputy that killed 47-year-old Ceasar Stinson, few details have been released about what led up to the crash. 

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, the crash occurred at North 10th and West State Streets on Jan. 25. The deputy was on-duty at the time of the crash and driving an unmarked squad car. The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office has identified the deputy as Joel Streicher.

Stinson was pronounced dead at the scene. Stinson worked for Milwaukee Public Schools since 2002, most recently as a legislative policy specialist, and was well known in the community. 

"I think the family wants to know what was going on in the squad," said attorney Mark Thomsen. 

Thomsen says he has been hired by the Stinson family. 

"I was retained to represent them with respect to pursuing a wrongful death claim against the deputy," said Thomsen, "After being retained, I had discussions with the district attorney's office and I found out the deputy ran a red light."

The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating the crash. So far, the department has not released any details about what led up to the crash, including if Deputy Streicher ran a red light. 

Thomsen said he also filed a Motion to Intervene Monday in response to whether Deputy Streicher's disciplinary records should be released. 

"We’ve asked for a lot, but we anticipate they’re going to object to the disciplinary records, and we want to know what those are and how they could possibly relate to the incident and the death that took place," said Thomsen. 

Last week, Streicher, along with the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association, filed a complaint to try to block Streicher's disciplinary records from being released in response to an open records request. 

In a letter to Deputy Streicher, a captain with the Internal Affairs Division for the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said he received a request for Streicher's disciplinary record. The captain wrote, "After conducting the balancing test, which I am required by law to do, I have determined that the requested records, with the above-noted exceptions, are subject to disclosure."

"It’s not fair to the public or my clients to try to hide whatever background there is," said Thomsen. 

Last year, Streicher pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge following a DOJ prostitution sting. 

CBS 58 reached out to the sheriff's office about a potential wrongful death claim, but has not yet heard back. 

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